desert island pieces: with Georgia Spray

Our second guest in this series is the inimitable Georgia Spray. Armed with a History of Art degree, a stint at White Cube gallery and a rare instinct for spotting new artistic talent, she founded Partnership Editions in 2017.

Georgia's site is the go-to hub for sublimely beautiful but affordable art. You may have noticed that most of the art you have ever coveted can be traced back to Partnership Editions.

Here you'll discover an abundance of new faces and completely unique pieces, all carefully cherry-picked by Georgia herself; think mixed-media collages by Ruby Kean, watercolours by Julianna Byrne and large abstract works by the newly-signed Zahra Holm. If it's on Partnership Editions, you can be certain it is a future classic.

With her trailblazing art platform, creative workshops and even a foray into wearable art, (see her incredible collaboration with BIAS dresses)..there really is no stopping Georgia.

Who better than one of our generation's finest curators, to pick out the eight pieces of art that have shaped her life...

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, Paul Delaroche, 1833 

I remember going to The National Gallery where this artwork hangs when I was around 10 years old. For some reason I found this work totally captivating. I stopped and chatted to my mum about it for ages. The rendering of the fabric on her dress is beautiful and haunting in equal measure. I'm not sure why a child would be drawn to what is a pretty gruesome subject matter but I've always liked artworks that have a combination of beauty, narrative thread and are a little bit challenging or unsettling in some way.

The Dance, Paula Rego, 1988

Another master of both a narrative and the unsettling...Paula Rego has always been a firm favourite of mine. I wrote my school Art History dissertation on her work and have been hooked on her amazing draughtsmanship ever since. I love that she's a fearless feminist and unlike much of the art world, her style is so uniquely her own.

The Annunciation (cell 3), Fra Angelico, 1440-42

The San Marco Monastery in Florence is the most amazing place to visit, with the the original Fra Angelico frescoes in the monks' cells. His use of colour is so subtle and beautiful. I find these frescoes incredibly modern for their time in the way that they are so paired back. They've had such a lasting effect on me.

Any Number of Preoccupations, Lynette Yiadom Boakye, 2010

I am in love with all of Lynette Yiadom Boakye's paintings. I first discovered her work in 2010 at her Serpentine exhibition. The monumental portraits really take your breath away and I am amazed that each one is drawn from her head- a fictional person- rather than from a sitter. 

Girl with Kitten, Lucian Freud, 1947

I love this painting by Lucian Freud. Before I launched Partnership Editions, I worked for the renowned art dealer Ivor Braka. Ivor has the most incredible art collection in his home, including Freuds and Francis Bacons. To be able to see a Freud in such an intimate setting is a very special thing. You really have a chance to look at the application of paint and see the pencil marks underneath- which tell their own story.

 Khoisan Kween Mother mural, Lady Skollie, 2017

In 2017, when I had just launched Partnership Editions, South African artist Lady Skollie created this amazing mural at The Tyburn Gallery on International Women's Day. The mural had to be painted over after the exhibition, so I approached the artist to make a limited edition print of it that could be a way to immortalise it forever. It was one of our first artworks to launch on the PE website, and it's a very symbolic and important work that speaks of female empowerment.

Lee Krasner, (any work), (pictured Palingenesis, 1971)

One of my favourite exhibitions last year had to be Lee Krasner at the Barbican. I love art that doesn't need explaining but just has a totally visceral effect on you. Seeing her paintings in the flesh sends you into a trance and you feel totally consumed by their presence. 

Ian Micheal, (any work), (pictured Crop Tops 2020)

I am always trawling through Instagram on the hunt for new artists for Partnership Editions, as well as for my own collection. I discovered Ian's work a few months ago and have been trying to buy one ever since. I love his use of colour and application of paint.