piece of my mind: with Frances Costelloe

(Frances and daughter Edie, shot by her husband, artist Nick Jensen, for PIECES)

behind those delicate line drawings of quizzical faces, serene shells and Matisseian flowers, is artist Frances Costelloe. after spending a few years in fashion, she launched her own studio in 2017, working mainly with Indian ink and clay to create her signature pieces. her work is now stocked at prestigious spots like Liberty and Partnership Editions, no less. art runs in Frances' blood; her aunt is designer Bella Freud and grandfather the one and only Lucian Freud (he painted Frances as a young girl). here she talks to PIECES about breakfast in bed, Van Gogh and the meaning of cuppa diem...  

what is your current state of mind?

baby-land...with a toddler.

if you could own any piece of art, which would it be? 
the Matisse pink studio, a Van Gogh flower painting or maybe a Francis Bacon.

in another life you would have been... a ballet dancer. although I don’t have the obsessive nature or any real talent.

who is your real life hero and why?

anyone who works in the NHS.

who is on your quarantine playlist?

Open by Rhye.

which piece from your home would you save in a fire?

my Wallace and Sewell blanket my grandma gave me as a house warming and our painting by Christian Hidaka (if it wasn’t currently at the framers). 

what have you learned about yourself these last two months?

that I like being at home but I am OCD when the house gets messy. having two kids (plus being pregnant at the start of lockdown) meant I simply couldn’t control this. it has taken some getting used to.

what is your most used emoji?
what is your motto?

cuppa diem: seize the day with a cup of tea or coffee. me and my friend Claudia- who I used to have a blog with- even got it engraved on the inside of matching silver bangles.

who has taught you your greatest lesson in life?

before I started painting I worked in fashion. I was always inspired that Vincent Van Gogh didn’t start painting until he was 27. that age always seemed like a deadline to me. I love his work. I have visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam five times.

what is your idea of perfect happiness?
a lie-in, in bed in a hotel with room service breakfast delivered with the papers at 11.00 am (can you tell I am a parent with a newborn?) francescostelloe.co.uk
(Frances' studio)
(Frances by Lucian Freud)